Victoria returns to the National League after her defeat by Motagua; Gonzalo Closiner Select Match – Ten

Victoria returns to the National League after her defeat by Motagua;  Gonzalo Closiner Select Match – Ten

Victoria Can not have a happy return to Honduras National Association After a five-year absence where he fought in the second division to return to the Honduran Football League. motagua, with a tight 0-1, defeated them in Siba.

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The game was entertaining but with some serious tactics. motaguaIn fact, he took advantage of the only player he had in the veteran Argentine’s boots Gonzalo ClosenerWho after distracting the defense of Al-Juaiba scored the only goal in the match.

The ones he drives Chateau Padilla They were the ones who came first with a bullet with poison, but motagua He was saved in the 9th minute. From there, until the 36th minute period in which the Blues goal went down, there were no major shocks.

The Blues benefited from a fatal error in the Veterans’ Lower Zone Kalulu Palacios to put first. Walter Martinez He took the ball and entered the area and saw only Klosiner, and he cleared the ball with the help of Palacios’ error, and managed to overcome the Albanian goal. The score was 1-0 at 36 minutes.

Victoria got into trouble motagua But in the closing minutes of the first half, they looked shy of the final touch. Damien Ramirez NS Pedro Hernandez They had but their auctions were lukewarm and on the hands Kona Marlon.

Motagua defeated Victoria with a goal from Argentine Gonzalo Klosiner.

In the supplementary stage, the capital team coped with the match with ease. Dominoes, but without much danger to the Colombian lair William Robledo. Chateau PadillaIn fact, he tried, because he sent his best guns off the bench to the field; Picture of Marcelo CanalesAnd Rodolfo EspinalAnd Walter Chavez coffee grower Andres Renteria.

Ceibeños was encouraged by that, but at 75′ junior Kenny Boden In a part of the playing field where there is no danger, stop at Victoria. It was seriously invaded by Christopher Melendez and judgment Oscar Moncada He did not hesitate to kick him out of the game. The locals stayed with 10.

In 77 ‘the central government pardoned the Victoria. Did not pass a clear penalty in favor of motagua. Roberto Moreira I crossed and the ball hit my hand Kalulu Palacios, who quickly hid it but was not seen and the aliberido continued on its way.

about an hour Victoria They outdone him, but they couldn’t. It was last demonstrated in the strength of the feathers after being advanced by the right sector of “MOMA” Carlos Fernandez, who after entering someone else’s fief was centered and reached the left side Omar Alfer, hit the ball on the grass level but Robledo avoided a second fall into his own goal and the match at last remained 0-1 in favor motagua On back to the first Victoria.

Victoria – Motagua data sheet

August 11, 2021. The second day of the opening of the National League

(0) Victoria – William Robledo; Kelly Centeno, Kenny Boden, Carlos Palacios, Marlon Flores; Pedro Hernandez (Marcelo Canales 66′), Damien Ramirez, Dorvin Sanchez (Andres Rentria 66′), Edgar Cabrera (Rodolfo Espinal 66′), Alexi Vega and Edwin Alvarez (Walter Chavez 66′ / Maynor Colon 76′).

alternates: Pablo Alvarez ; Milton Nunez, Miguel Fonseca, Oscar Suazo, Walter Labreste, Marcelo Canales, Rodolfo Espinal, Carlos Matut, Mayor Colon, Walter Chavez, Josemar Maradiaga, Andrés Renteria.

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Objectives: It was not.

yellow cards: Damien Ramirez, Kelly Centeno.

red cards: Kenny Bowden (75 minutes)

(1) Motagua – Marlon Lecona; Omar Elver, Marcelo Pereira, Fabricio Galindo, Juan Ramon Gomez (Carlos Fernandez 79 min); Jason Sanchez, Jesse Moncada (Wesley Decas 79′), Matías Galvales (Juan Delgado 79′), Walter Martinez (Christopher Melendez 67′); Gonzalo Clociner (Ivan Lopez 67d) and Roberto Moreira.

alternatesBy: Hugo Caballero ; Carlos Melendez, Christopher Melendez, Marcelo Santos, Brian Maradiaga, Wesley Decas, Juan Angel Delgado, Jonathan Nunez, Carlos Fernandez Justin Obando, Ivan Lopez.

Objectives: Gonzalo Klosiner (36 minutes)

yellow cards: Jason Sanchez, Jesse Moncada, Walter Martinez.

red cards: It was not.


Playground: ceibino, no ceiba

Rule: Oscar Moncada

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