Anderson Cooper and ‘Jeopardy!’ Competitive sharing memories of Alex Trebeck’s stunning presence

Anderson Cooper and ‘Jeopardy!’  Competitive sharing memories of Alex Trebeck’s stunning presence

“Alex Trebeck nodded in my direction!” “The whole circle,” CNN told Anderson Cooper on Monday. “What a thrill!”

When Marin reappeared in 2010, Marin and Cooper competed with each other on the show. The comedian, actor and writer who stood against Cooper at the time was a winner. But on Monday, The day after Trebeck died, Reunited to share fond memories of the famous host of the iconic sports show.

Cooper, who has been a fan of the show since his high school years, admitted that when he first appeared on “Celebrity Jeopardy”, he was also “blumaxed” around Trebeck. He wanted to go to lunch with Trebek to be in his presence.

Although both admit to being affected by the star, they both have a very specific sense of humility in Trebeque.

“Trebeck is really the right host,” Cooper said. “He’s smart, he’s funny when he’s called, he’s polite, he’s confident enough to know that there is no need to make a show about him.”

Marin agreed, telling Trebeck that there is a way to “make you feel good, even if you sometimes seem silly.”

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The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Jeopardy and its host since 1984 have overcome all divisions to unite the people, Cooper said.

“It’s a company that teaches the value of pursuing knowledge and makes that effort fun,” he said.

“Famous Jeopardy!” Although Marin was responsible for one of Cooper’s two defeats in four appearances. The show still unites them.

“I want to reconsider more – one day, somehow,” Cooper told Marin.

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