Notes on another order for Pritzker to stay home again – NBC Chicago

Notes on another order for Pritzker to stay home again – NBC Chicago

If Illinois Corona Virus Measures Continues to Rise Illinois Govt. Pritzker pointed out that another order to stay home again was possible.

Addressing residents at his daily Corona virus conference on Monday, the governor said he was “really looking at every possibility” to prevent the virus from spreading.

“I’m very worried when we approach giving thanks,” Britzker said. “I am very worried when this number increases and as a result, as I told you, many days,
You know, we’m really looking at all the possibilities – the possibility that we will go back to a point, the possibility of eventually staying home – those are not the things I want to do. But these numbers are not constant. ”

It is not clear when the governor will decide on another order to stay at home, but he noted what criteria he sees.

“One thing I see every day is, are we bending the curve, in the spring, we’m doing – are we bending the curve?” he said. “It does not mean that the numbers go from one day to the next, but it does mean that the rate of increase decreases. It is flat and the beginning of going down.”

This marks the second time in recent weeks that the governor has pointed to an order to stay at home. Earlier, Pritzker said such action was not on the table.

“I do not see that I will do extensive mitigation to stay at home in the coming days or week, but I can not guarantee you what it will be two weeks from now or three weeks from now – I do not know,” Pritzker said last week. “None of us openly expected the whole country to be hit with an increase in COVID-19.”

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In the last 24 hours, Illinois registered 10,573 new cases, up from 10,000 for the fourth day in a row. The epidemic is expected to top 500,000 cases in the state on Tuesday so far.

Pritzker said Illinois’ average daily corona virus case numbers have risen nearly 380% since Oct. 1. However, the state has recently modified its daily case reporting to include “possible” cases, which include positive results of rapid antigen testing in the state.

Statewide testing has been more than 180% positive over the past five weeks and hospital admissions and deaths each are more than 150% at the same time, he said.

“The virus is winning now,” Pritzker added.

There are many Illinois areas now Set to enter more tight damping To prevent the spread of the corona virus throughout southern Illinois and parts of Chicago.

Areas 5, 7 and 8 in Illinois, including the counties of Will, Kangaki, Kane and Tobago and the southern part of the state, are due to enter Led 2 dams on Wednesday.

“The situation has worsened significantly in some parts of the state, especially in the three regions where there has been a massive increase in social exchange rates,” Britzker said.

Layer 2 also adds collection size limits and minimizes table sizes for restaurants and pubs in other restrictions for sporting and entertainment events.

Already Illinois is all under the sanctions imposed by the state on a regional basis. The restrictions follow a three-tier plan, the first of which is to eliminate indoor dining in restaurants, reduce collection volumes and more.

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Region 1 has been under Tier 2 mitigation since late last month.

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