Andrea Escalona reveals that Daniel Bisogno left her in her bones

Andrea Escalona reveals that Daniel Bisogno left her in her bones
During an interview he gave Andrea Escalona’s photo With the journalist Mara Patricia CastanedaThe presenter spoke about various topics in her life, and one of them was her romantic relationship Daniel Ned.

Magda Rodriguez’s daughter said that the Ventaneando driver was her second boyfriend who she was madly in love with.

“I love him so much, we love each other so much so far. He was my second friend, he wasn’t with a sweaty hand, but with my mom and family, I took him around. He’s much older than me, I was 13 years old, divorced, so I started dating him. We were friends, I really liked him We started hanging out as friends and after a month I said “How weird, I want to kiss Bisugno,” I was in love.

Despite the great love they felt for each other, Andrea decided to quit Bisogno, because it was not in her plans to become MotherWell, she was 21 and he was 13.

“It took us about a year, he traveled with my family and with me, but suddenly he said to me, ‘When you and I have kids’ and I just love’ Don’t wait for me, I’m 21, I don’t want to have kids. I said: What do I do here? You’ll go to one side, I had a good time, but I still have a long way to go. I cut Daniel, but I cried because I loved him so much, this is the first time my heart has broken. ”

Finally, Andy stressed that her breakdown left her in her bones due to the intense sadness she felt, so her mother sent her to Barcelona to change the scene.

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“They broke my heart … I became thin and depressed and put myself in the pool to cry … Magda sent me to Barcelona.”

It should be noted that until now Daniel continues to state that the host of “Hoy” has been a great love.

Andrea Escalona spoke about various issues of her life

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