Andrea Legaretta reveals who is the love of her life, isn’t her husband Eric Robin? | Video

Andrea Legaretta reveals who is the love of her life, isn’t her husband Eric Robin?  |  Video

Although the lovely host of Latin America’s hottest morning show, Andrea Legaretta She is in a moment of fulfillment, health and success accompanied by the beings she loves the most in the world, her husband Eric Robin And his two beautiful daughters Nina and Ma, who have already made their first steps in the world of art, during their youth refused to go out with a beautiful singer.

During an interview with the famous journalist Adela MicahAndrea admitted how sorry she was not accepting a dinner invitation out of nothing more, no less Louis MiguelAlthough she always found him a very handsome and attractive boy, the actress also admitted that she turned down the invitation because she had a boyfriend and was very loyal to her.

However, despite having gone on for more than five years with this boyfriend, he ended up cheating on her, which is why the relationship ended, however, it is unfair because she confined herself to dating him. Soul, Out of respect for the relationship he established with his partner there at the time.

Legarita admitted that during some outings to Acapulco, The singer’s favorite place, aroused his interest in her, she will be invited to go out at a restaurant in the beautiful port of Pozzo, the singer receives her and after the exchange of looks and the impending crush, the singer will do.

He usually sends a boy from his team to call out, I guess if you say no, you say no to the boy and you don’t Louis MiguelShe said the beautiful driver who also confirms that the true love in her life is the father of her daughters, Eric Robin Who at a time of greater fame in the Timbreich group, this guy was also hanging out with some of the most beautiful women of the moment Polina Rubio, Thala s Alejandra Guzman.

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He also shared that he fell in love “to the fullest” and confirms that she is a very loyal and passionate woman, even though she had other loved ones, Eric is the love of her life, as she managed with him to fully enjoy her life and he is also the father of the creatures he loves the most. All his soul, his two daughters Nina and Ma.


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