About Mental Health – AS.com

About Mental Health – AS.com

Yesterday there was a certain political storm Spain Related to mental health. It’s a good opportunity to discuss an issue that is always in between the candidates when I take this column but ends up coming forward due to the urgency of the present time. at England, The guardian He repeatedly publishes interviews with footballers who have had problems in the field because he understands that it is necessary to normalize their stories and show the general population that even the collective idols and references of many children must face episodes that should not cause or be ashamed. No taboos. Here is not a practice that has spread much, but we received, repeated by various media, a very famous interview with her Bojan Krkic Where the former Barcelona player recounted the difficulties he went through due to anxiety. It was cool, because Bojan embodies the type of person that people thought could never fall into bouts of depression: He was young, handsome, rich, and successful. And yes, no one is safe from the insoluble fluctuations of the darkness of the mind.

I’ve also had disorders, I’ve regularly visited a psychiatrist – I still do – and even a psychiatrist. I took the medication when I realized that my condition was threatening to affect my daily life and work and it got better. I know I’ll always be a lot more vulnerable than the average resident, but now I accept it and it scares me less. I have extraordinary sympathy for those with similar problems and I have taken the time to listen to them and share my own experiences.

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Sometimes suffering is linked to expectations, unfulfilled dreams, and society’s response to our mistakes. Other times it doesn’t: it just happens. I am not discovering gunpowder in this article, but I am convinced that some readers today feel less lonely and more dressed. And you decided, without fear, to seek help from one of our good professionals in Spain.

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