Andres Araws endorses his shows two days after the campaign ends | Politics News

Andres Araws endorses his shows two days after the campaign ends |  Politics  News

The candidate for UNES had set a date for a meeting with the Labor Parliament and other central unions.

“Transparent grafting without levers, revitalizing the economy, respecting our diversity” are some of the proposals endorsed by the Coresta candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the Alliance of Hope (UNES), Andres Arouz, two days after the conclusion. From the election campaign to the second round.

“The support we receive from indigenous peoples and nationalities is not due to a personal matter. It is the result of recognizing our common struggles, our common interests and the same horizon. We will march together towards a country free of Divisions, while respecting the plurality of nationalities and cultures. “

With Corape Network, Arouz said exemplary sanctions are needed over what happened to the human rights of protesters in October 2019, as well as deepen analysis of other issues in the field, such as the kidnapping and killing of the press team in the area. The northern border and “neglect” in public health, when the government had the capacity to deploy hospitals, “but preferred to pay off the debt.”

In addition to violating rights in the judicial system. “All this must be resolved through national or international justice. We will continue to clarify truth, justice and reparation to the victims.”

Andres Arouz offers a freeze on fuel prices

On the environment issue, Arrows said it would implement solid waste management. In the case of oil and mining, a review of mining concessions, as well as external debt, will be established to see if they have violated Ecuadorian law or not, and if so, return them to the state, for the sake of transparency.

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In the afternoon, he was scheduled to meet the Labor Parliament and then take a door-to-door tour in southern Quito. (I)

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