Andres Garcia honors his great friend Vicente Fernandez ‘He was the best singer of all time’: video

Andres Garcia honors his great friend Vicente Fernandez ‘He was the best singer of all time’: video

Andres Garcia He was one of the actors who, after years of existence Close friendship with Vicente Fernandez, He was missing among the celebrities who finally bid farewell to Charo de Huentitan. Very much in style YouTube channel, Andres admitted his feelings about the unfortunate loss of his great friend.

Grieving thousands of Mexicans, Andrés noted that Mexico had lost the best singer of all time, a good actor as well, and, above all, a good man.

Respect between these friends

Andres Garcia admitted he was depressed by the departure of Vicente, whom he met more than 40 years ago when they were touring in Mexico and the United States for art performances. At that time, during the 80s and 90s, Andres and Vicente were also involved in adventures and projects.

Therefore, since then he has had a close friendship full of mutual respect and affection. Looking at that, he also assured that he would miss him.

He is already on the side of God

Andres García remembered his friend, and could not help but mention God and the way he believed he received to give him eternal life.

“God made him a special being and I hope that one day we will be close to him, as certainly Vicente is,” he noted and added an important tip: “I would like TV stations to show Vicente’s films again so that people can see his greatness.”

Above all, he indicated that he will miss the splendor of his voice, which he considers the best singer of all time.

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Here is the full message and Andres surprise for Vicente Fernandez.

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