Andres Garcia: Why would he leave his son Leonardo homeless? TV series | Mexico | Fame

Andres Garcia: Why would he leave his son Leonardo homeless?  TV series |  Mexico |  Fame

A new scandal chasing a son and a Caribbean product, . On this occasion, the protagonist of Tanto Amor, Leonardo Garcia, will be in danger of running out of a luxury penthouse located in the Polanco neighborhood; But how was he deceived?

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news big scam The artist was featured in the latest issue of the magazine TV Notes, where it is detailed that the property is located in one of the most exclusive areas in the capital and that the cost of selling it will be 14 million Mexican pesos.

A series of violations committed by the real estate company will be the cause of heavy losses From the money that will not only affect the actor 48 years, but also to the rest of the buyers in the building.

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Why would Leonardo Garcoa lose his shed?

The cause of the problem starts when i . is turned onnmobiliaria He decides to build the building illegally. According to my lawyer Garcia For the magazine, the building can be demolished:

“The real estate company built almost three times what was allowed, because CDMX Institute of Management Verification determined that the maximum construction capacity of this property was 706 meters and they built almost 1,900 meters, so it can no longer be regulated and they will have to be demolished.” .

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Owners claim compensation

Fraud, which is registered as land use violation, is responsible for the manager in charge of the work and the legal representative of the construction company.

With this information, building owners They do the necessary paperwork to be compensated. It should be noted that this case has been before the court for more than two years.

Who is Leonardo Garcoa?

He is the second son of Andres Garcia and Sandra Valli. Like his father, he decided to dedicate himself to acting and was a part of various TV projects like “Lots of Love”, “Kings” and “Open Heart”. is brother Andres Garcia Jr. and Andrea Garcia.

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