How many times a week should you train to gain muscle? | Health | magazine

How many times a week should you train to gain muscle?  |  Health |  magazine

There is a minimum amount of time you must spend in the gym to see results.

Gaining muscle mass is not an easy task, takes the entire process beyond including a diet and dedicate enough training time.

If the goal Weight lossThe key is to burn more calories than you consume; But if the goal gain muscle, It is necessary to have Proper exercise routine.

The How much weight you lose depends on how much exercise you want to do How much do you stick to the diet?

“Any sport or physical activity that requires the cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal system will help us stimulate fat burning, either during activity or during recovery,” says Júlia Ndocky Ribas, a graduate of Physical Activity and Sports Science.

According to experts, someone new to all of this training is likely to see results faster than a veteran: beginners can see results from the first month of an exercise According to experts, they can gain up to 1.8 kilograms of muscle in 30 days.

According to coach Jose Miguel del Castillo, you should train five to six days a week. In addition, it details that there are four main factors for determining the ideal time of day to train: hormonal, safety, performance and personality.

According to a study published in sports medicineAnd the You have to work each muscle twice a week to see results.

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