Angel! Anastasia Karanicolaou in a beautiful white dress

Angel!  Anastasia Karanicolaou in a beautiful white dress

Once again the model Anastasia Karanicolaou She showed off her impressive curves, but this time in a somewhat different way, wrapping in a dress that made her look like an angel.

Once again, Karanikolaou flaunted on social media for his unique curves which caused a huge heat wave among web users.

Anastasia Karanikolaou is a famous model who is also known to be Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Who in fact have compared her on more than one occasion, as they both have dream personalities and waste their sensuality in the world of fashion and beauty care.

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Beautiful as usual Effect He was tasked with flooding the social media world with his undeniable beauty on Instagram, with amazing posts that captivated millions of users like the one he shared yesterday.

This was through her official account on Instagram, where the social activist shared a series of photos in which she was taken in front of the cameras to entertain her followers.

On this occasion, she sat in a white dress with a wooden background where she was seen wearing a long white dress that left holes on the sides, revealing her tiny waist.

As mentioned, the beautiful influencer in these photos wears a long white dress that covers just enough to leave her followers imagined, as well as the eyes of curious netizens who passed by alone and were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Yes, I was agonized when I fell from the sky, “the model wrote in the post.

Anastasia Karanikolaou, known on social media as Stacie BabyShe also wore her well-known long hair in a ponytail and fairly natural makeup, which made her look like a fallen angel from heaven.

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As expected, social networks quickly exploded in reactions, since the post has so far received more than 679,000 likes and its permanent fans have filled it with compliments and thousands of comments, some of which are more appropriate than others.

His success on digital platforms such as the famous social network Instagram and his close friendship with the young woman Business woman Kylie Jenner helped launch the current model’s career, as well as collaborating with Skims, Kim Kardashian’s clothing brand, with Savage x Fenty and Revolve.

The truth is, model Anastasia Karanikolaou possesses a fiery beauty that truth steals looks and hearts everywhere.

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Without a doubt, “Stassie baby” has made it clear with her every post on her Instagram social network that she is one of the sexiest influencers, so she has already crossed 10.2 million followers so far.

This is how the beautiful businesswoman Anastasia with her curvy figure managed, as mentioned earlier, to be one of the ambassadors of clothing brands for greats like Rihanna, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, and also among the artists who follow her on Instagram stand out Becky G, Bella Thorne and Rosalía.

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Anastasia is one of Kylie’s best friends with Greek roots, they’ve known each other for a little over 9 years and have always been very close, and she’s known as “Stassiebaby” for her Instagram account and as you can see, Anastasia was one of the few people Jenner kept on Instagram after cleaning up Calculated.

In fact, Kylie Cosmetics only kept 33 people, most of them from her family and some close friends.

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