Ángela Aguilar and Danna Paola EXCHANGE HAIR look who is it? Pictures

Ángela Aguilar and Danna Paola EXCHANGE HAIR look who is it?  Pictures

It is no secret to anyone that singers Angela Aguilar and Dana Paola They have become music stars because each of their releases has thousands of views on different digital platforms.

Now, interpreters have surprised thousands of their Instagram followers by sharing two pictures showing that they may have agreed to look back or at least that’s what their followers think.

Yesterday, the translator “Tell me how you want”, “La llorona” and “Como la flor” uploaded a picture masking the beauty of a beautiful lake; The funny thing is that the young lady styled her long hair, leaving behind her low-key cut.

Now the “Elite” star on Netflix, Dana Paula He uploaded a photo with a nice hat, but it showed that he trimmed his hair so it looks very similar to the one he used Angela Aguilar A few months ago.

He wrote on the podium: “We sometimes need to escape from his external reality and descend into the inner reality.”

In 2021, Dana Paula started everything after announcing the release of her album “KO”, which was a success and won the admiration of thousands of her followers around the world.

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