Angela Aguilar is ignored by Michelle Renaud, and does not accept the salutation

Angela Aguilar is ignored by Michelle Renaud, and does not accept the salutation

At the moment she is one of the most loved singers by the audience, Angela Aguilar It got better regional Mexican Make a great role model daughter, Baby Aguilar.

However, it seems that not everyone likes her as we think, despite the fact that she is a very kind and educated person, there are people who do not seem to appreciate her, among them Michel Raynaud.

We say this because Famous an actress It was shown in one of the recent recordings of long series who is starring, “inheritance”Where he refused to greet the translator, this new proposal that will soon reach our screens.

The singer I was arriving at the recording set to be able to capture some scenes with the actors and thus get the official production video where these celebrities met, and record the unimaginable on video, to become excellent. entertainment for Internet users.

There is a video clip in which we can see how Angela arrives trying to give Michelle a welcome kiss, one she rejects on the spot, pretending to modify part of her wardrobe, asserting that she is a very distracted person and that she was definitely inadvertently distracted.

Other netizens are of course defending Angela and asserting that Reno has “crossed a very fine line” and that they probably won’t forgive her, as fans are always there to defend their favorite artist.

The situation became a very uncomfortable moment in which we could see the reaction of the singer, who ended up greeting everyone else present and eventually posing for a photo with everyone, next to his now partner.

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Angela hasn’t mentioned anything yet but it is believed that it was all a misunderstanding which is something we can’t assure you as the pictures can speak more than what can be said about it.

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