Tony Costa responds if Adamari betrayed Lopez

Tony Costa responds if Adamari betrayed Lopez

Famous choreographer Tony Costa He was honest about his personal life, and for the first time publicly responded to a question about rumors that betrayal was the reason for his separation. Adamari Lopez.

After the Spanish dancer confirmed his relationship with the influencer Evelyn BeltronSpeculation did not wait for this to be the reason for her separation from Adamari, as on one occasion Puerto Rican said she had split because she deserved to be respected.

Evelyn Peltron has appeared on the scene and since Tony confirmed that she’s his girlfriend, rumors have started circulating that he will be the third person in the controversy அட The reason Adamari Lopez talked so much about separation is because she must be. She respected having her name.

“It’s a very young relationship, we’ve been together for a few months, no time for love த்தேன் I met Evelyn in class in August, we started dating in September, and I was alone for 5 months. The split was at the end of April, “Costa Telemundo told Al Rojo Vivo.

He also clarified whether Evelyn was with her baby father when they started dating.

“She did not come into my relationship because I did not know her. I did not come into her relationship because she broke up when we started dating,” he said.

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Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa have been together for 10 years and confirmed their separation at the end of last May, giving birth to their daughter Alia.

“Today I want to share with you that it is difficult to integrate, but as I always did, with the honesty that represents me, you want to hear it from me. You know very well, I have been focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle for some time, and precisely this reflex level is mine. Led me to take this step in life.After almost 10 years, with the joy of having given birth to our loving wives together, I decided to reconsider our relationship and give ourselves some time to see if we can save her.On more than one occasion, life has given me opportunities to continue to grow and learn. But above all, with diligence, love and patience, it has taught me that everything can always be achieved. I have full confidence that this is no exception. ” R then said.

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