Angela Aguilar wastes the sparkle with a red dress among the roses

Angela Aguilar wastes the sparkle with a red dress among the roses

Singer Angela Aguilar She caught the eye again in her latest post by appearing like a star in an elegant red dress while surrounded by rose petals. In order to promote her latest song, the beautiful singer wears long linens before the premiere of her new material to her followers.

As many of us know, Angela Aguilar One of the celebrities who stole the attention of new generations and adults alike, because she has a very elegant style, in addition to her taste for fashion that distinguishes her from several artists of her age, such as the young singer, an elegant touch mixed with Mexican culture that makes her unique.

The scion of the Aguilar dynasty steals the eyes with its own beauty, especially since its small waist begins to raise sighs, in addition to a unique talent like its singer father. Baby AguilarHe carries talent in his veins because his entire family is made up of great artists starting with his grandparents.

In a long red dress with a cut without straps Singer Angela Aguilar is stealing all the attention with her beauty And accessories like a very clear outline with black and red lips and of course a pair of earrings that feature a big heart and an emerald green necklace, like a big rose in her comfortable dress.

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Angela Aguilar appears in Times Square

It looks like the singer Dana Paula She’s not the only Mexican to come to Times Square because singer Angela Aguilar is making it again by appearing there with a great advertisement for her new single “Bésame mucho” being a great representative of the musical genre of the regional group, which she uploads to the platform from Amazon Music, where you can see the achievement. Great singer.

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In the same image of Angela Aguilar in an elegant red dress with a hello looking like a rose, the singer attracted her 5 million followers, which indicates that Mexican music has no limits, being another great achievement for the singer in her short life, stealing everyone’s attention.

Well after the famous duo with the singer Christian NodalAngela Aguilar also became a trend, because the young singer at a young age conquered millions of followers, so many assured that the singers made a much better couple than Christian Nodal and Belinda.

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However, it seldom Angela Aguilar She responds to comments like this, so she decided to focus on herself, in addition to changing her image, even using extensions to look a little different, as well as modern, bolder outfits in order to try a bit outside of her style.

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