Anil Norena, the global heir to Jose Jose, was caught in a bathing suit at the age of 76

Anil Norena, the global heir to Jose Jose, was caught in a bathing suit at the age of 76

Anel Noreña was caught in a bathing suit.

Photo: Archive / Correction Agency

Anwar Nurina Was captured In a swimsuit While preparing to sunbathe on a balcony Televisa, As she is currently participating as a host for a section within the “Hoy” program.

The person responsible for exposing the former model and the mother of two eldest sons Jose Jose He was the journalist of the show Shanik Berman, Who revealed, through a video clip he posted on his official Instagram account, the reason for wearing the Black Sea clothing.

She caught Anel Noreña in her swimsuit, and she will be sunbathing on Televisa’s balcony at the end of Hoy’s show. Look what Jose Jose ateAt the bottom of the post, it has been reproduced more than 15,000 times.

And he is that the global heir to “Prince of Song” will be among the stars who will participate in a dance competition organized by the same morning broadcast, where they will test their talents on the ring.

This is how the 76-year-old famous girl posed in front of the journalist’s camera, as she also took the opportunity to admit that sunbathing is one of her secrets to keeping her legs healthy, which she will soon need in her new face as a dancer.

Sunbathing on the balcony, because that gives my legs incredible activity and the other day they hurt me during rehearsal. I will dance and I have to dance well“You hear a mother Marisol s Jose Joel.

In addition to showing your best dance moves, Anwar NurinaWith the help of his legal team, he continues to search for the assets and debts that the Mexican translator may have left, and who will continue reading the will of April 5, as The heir general and executor of the translator has been officially announced From “El Triste” and “I gave up on you.”

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We are very happy, the will is read in a legal and legal manner, as Mrs. Anna Elena Nurina Grass remains global heir.His son explained to the media.

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