Alicia Keys' “Dick” at the Super Bowl that the NFL deleted from the halftime show (video) – Fox Sports

Alicia Keys' “Dick” at the Super Bowl that the NFL deleted from the halftime show (video) – Fox Sports

And in one of the most important stations in his distinguished career. Alicia Keys went off the rails at Super Bowl LVIII. You probably didn't notice during his appearance last Sunday on Halftime show As a guest Usher, but the singer began with Huge rooster She sits at the piano while performing her wonderful song “If you did not get”.

It is recognized for its quality and sound power Alicia Keys and Usher They were heroes The 2024 Super Bowl halftime show has been criticizedThey are accused of being artists whose best moments and greatest successes go back many years. Added to all this evidence “Rooster” by Alicia Keys.

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Video – Alicia Keys is out of the ordinary in the Super Bowl

After what Guide He did some solo hits, appearing at one end of the stage Alicia Keys In a tight red outfit, she sits in front of a huge white piano, as the first guest in the musical part of the evening.

The first chords of “If you did not get” It seemed to drive the crowd crazy at Allegiant Stadium, bringing them to their screams Disassemble the keys They will be overlooked on the field.

On social networks they recovered Original video of Alicia Keys at Super Bowl 2024It can be clearly heard that he made a mistake in the first word. However, the strange thing is that The NFL edited the video to remove Alicia Keys' “cock.” At the beginning of his intervention.

Who won the 2024 Super Bowl?

he Super Bowl XVIII It ended with a New title for the Kansas City Chiefs, the fourth in their history and the third they have achieved in the past five years with Patrick Mahomes as quarterback, Travis Kelce as tight end and Andy Reid as head coach. This time they won Overtime 25-22 to the San Francisco 49ers In Las Vegas.

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