Anniversary: ​​Birth of Laura Zapata. These were the major scandals of the actress

Anniversary: ​​Birth of Laura Zapata.  These were the major scandals of the actress

Lura Guadalupe Zapata Born in Mexico City on July 31, 1956, this Saturday is 65 years old and has more than 30 years of artistic career, during which time he starred in several films. scandals Today we will recount the votes The biggest differences.

the Actress Laura Zapata She is the daughter of Guillermo Zapata Pérez de Utrera, who was an athlete, boxer, model, and businessman. His mother was Yolanda Miranda Mange. Her sisters are archaeologist Federica Sodi, writer Ernestina Sodi, painter Gabriela Sodi and famous singer. next.

He made his television debut in 1974 in the children’s series Mundo de juguetes. Two years later, in 1976, he shot his first movie called “Golden Wings”. In 1978 he participated in the OTI music festival, but failed to win. In your career, you can count dozens of plays, melodramas and TV shows.

He first appeared on TV in 1974. Photo: Special

Laura Zapata scandals

Zapata She was a controversial woman, and was not afraid to express what she thought, which made her the hero of many controversies. In addition to his family relationship, especially with his sisters, which was also the subject of many scandals.

The kidnapping incident in 2002

LuraShe was kidnapped along with her sister Ernestina Sodi in 2002. Although they both had moments of pain, the event separated the two sisters and damaged their relationship. But matters worsened when Ernestina revealed in her book the actress’s complicity with her kidnappers by accusing her of plotting the attack alongside her ex-boyfriend.

“We got to a place and they covered us with some towels, I saw some stairs and that helped me identify one of the safe houses. We sat on the bed and they told us it was a kidnapping, not something personal, and that they wanted Tommy’s money,” he said in an interview with The Minute That Changed My Destiny. Mottola and they want $5 million.”

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His relationship with his sister

After the kidnapping, Ernestina stated that Laura was involved in the incident, which is why she was released earlier and did not ask for a ransom. In an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Zapata He talked about her and confirmed that his sister did not recover from the experience.

“She told me one day that she was no longer a kidnapper and that I should turn the page, but no. I devoted myself to accommodating her, to understanding her (…), I lied when she said this (that she was involved) in the kidnapping). When I came out of captivity and devoted myself to fighting from order to take it out.

Sudy’s comments upset the actress, and the spacing increased because her sister’s wedding took place exactly on the day her mother was watching. In some interviews, he has made it clear that he no longer considers her a part of his family.

Joke about Yalitza Aparicio’s nomination

After it became known that actress Yalitza Aparicio had been nominated for Academy Awards for her performance in Roma, Laura made a joke in an interview for “Venga la Alegría” in which she stated what she thought about the nomination.

“Well, what is true luck? Ugly luck.. no.. that’s not true,” said the actress. Ugly luck. His comment drew heavy criticism on social networks, especially from people who defended the Oaxacan woman.

The lawsuit filed with Laura Pozzo

On Saturday, the 65-year-old actress used Twitter to voice her opinion on frontrunner Laura Pozzo, who spoke in an interview about the actress. The women started a battle on social media. On that occasion, Zapata asked the Peruvian to leave Mexico.

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Problems with your grandmother’s nursing home

In January of this year, the artist faced a new controversy in her life, because after the accusations against asylum by the state in which the grandmother was, the authorities came to protect the remaining concentrated, which alarmed the relatives. from other users of the place.

A spokesman for the relatives of the asylum personnel, Ernesto Cisneros, said at the time Zapata He was lying, and finally indicated that he intended to proceed legally against Thalia’s sister.

Laura Zapata vs Chef Herrera

The actress is part of the celebrity cooking show Masterchef Celebrity México, and before the reality premiere, Thalía’s sister actually confronted Chef Adrián Herrera on Twitter. Laura was accused of practicing “devil magic”, but it seemed that the joke did not like the first actress, who did not remain silent and responded to him in the networks.

“It’s the demonic pronoun that you hold dear Chef Herrera. Don’t blame me!” Laura Zapata responded to Chef’s tweet.

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