Victoria Ruffo shows off her gray hair and introduces the new look to her twin with dyed hair

Victoria Ruffo shows off her gray hair and introduces the new look to her twin with dyed hair

The new year has arrived with good feelings for the actress Victoria Ruffo. The Mexican is enjoying a few days on the beach with her family in the early days of 2021 and sharing a moment of “relaxation” for her fans as she lets them see her. Some gray hair in his famous poetry.

Days before the end of 2020, the heroine of “Simply María” revealed that she had dyed her hair a light color, unlike the usual black she had worn for most of her career.

Now, using one of the much-loved Instagram filters, they are seen in different colors: White, reddish and brown.

“Let’s dance! No music! Hahaha,” wrote Victoria Ruffo, the legend of the short clip, where she can only hear the wind in the background.

“It would be nice if you left your hair completely white”; “Love your look like dualipa”; “You look at Divine Victoria”; “Very tan with 10 colors, I loved it”; Some of his most loyal fans wrote: “This look is amazing on you. You look beautiful!”

The children of Victoria Ruffo also renewed their look

The 58-year-old actress also revealed to her followers that her twin, Victoria y Anwar, 16 years old, followed in his footsteps and also dyed her hair. While broadcasting on Instagram, he appeared with his photo three children.

“Wear Victoria so they can see your hair,” she told Vicky Fayad. His eldest son, Jose Eduardo Derbez, 28, replied, “I will draw it soon.” In the video, boys are shown having their hair dyed in varying degrees of light.

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The actress called on Twitter 2020, and reflected on the impact of the epidemic. In addition, she said that she had stopped smoking for nine months: “I feel much better, and less tired.”

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