Another person died at his funeral

Another person died at his funeral

CubitaNOW Editorial ~ Monday, September 4, 2023

At least two Cubans died this weekend in Mier, a popular council in the municipality of Calixto García, in Holguín province.

According to reports reaching social media, the two people fell into a well and unfortunately ended up losing their lives.

Likewise, they explained that while these two people were being buried, a third person named Yasmani died after suffering an electric shock.

A user who identified himself on Facebook as Jorge Luis said: “Friends Merinos, since yesterday, Mer has been suffering casualties.”

He pointed out that “two people died when they went down a well and drowned, and today at the funeral of these people lightning struck and killed Yasmanis, the son of Mariela, Chiu’s wife.”

According to his report, other people were injured.

“In addition, there are other people in bad condition at Mir Dispensary. He concluded by offering condolences to all the families.

Many people not only confirmed the tragic events, but also mourned the deaths of Holguin residents.

“Much sadness and strength to all the families who are experiencing such great pain. Oh God, I ask you for mercy for our people, no more suffering. EPD all deceased”; Some wrote: “My condolences to his family, he was a charismatic boy who quickly gained affection, this loss is very unfortunate as are the others affected… friend of Ib.”

“Emergency for the deceased and speedy recovery for those who suffered electric shock”; Others added: “A sad and painful event. My deepest condolences to the families, and strength to those mothers who cry with great pain and suffering over the loss of their children.”

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As of writing this note, no further details about the tragedy or the identities of the victims have been revealed.

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