Why thousands of Mexicans are demonstrating this Sunday in defense of democracy

Why thousands of Mexicans are demonstrating this Sunday in defense of democracy
The National Elections Institute presented challenges to the electoral plan B (archive)

It was recently approved in Mexico reform secondary election laws, known as plan b. The measures promoted by the executive branch have caused discord among citizens because of the potential effects they will have on the government Mexican democracy.

For this reason, various groups called on citizens to gather on February 26 in defense of the Mexican body responsible for “promoting democracy and guaranteeing the exercise of political rights”, that is National Electoral Institute (INE).

The rally initially promoted by the businessman Claudio X Gonzalez, It has been approved before civic organizations And political parties opposing the current president’s government mexican, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

Also known as My vote has not been affected also “The pink walkThe purpose of the demonstration will be to rally citizens in the streets to show their disagreement with the last vote in the plenary session of the Senate.

This protest will be the second of its kind for the same purposes that, despite the efforts exerted, did not stop the approval of the electoral project promoted by the executive authority.

The demonstration that will take place today stems from public concern because various personalities – among whom is still the head of INEAnd Lorizo ​​Cordova – They have accused the amendments of being an attack on democracy in the coming framework 2024 presidential election.

This idea has been shared even by American media such as New York times. Indeed recently, and in the pen of the reporter Natalie KitrovHe charged that the reform would limit the NIE’s operational capacity, and limit its staff and independence. He also charged that the ability to punish candidates who violate election laws would be limited.

the The pink walk will star in Mexico City; However, its makers have highlighted that at least one other 82 cities in the country And abroad will also participate in the call. Several Mexican public figures are expected to participate in the event, such as journalist Beatriz Pajes Repolar, a retired court minister. Jose Ramon Cosio Diaz And the former president of the university National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)Jose Naro Robles.

The march of February 26 will be the second march against AMLO Plan B. (dark room)

It should be noted that the promoters indicated that the demonstration in defense of the National Institute of Elections was of a civil nature. However, various public officials, members of the National Action parties, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), have been among the main advocates of the “Rose March”, which is expected to attend like leaders Alejandro Moreno, Jesus Zambrano, Marco Cortes, among others.

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The congregation is expected to be highly engaged on Sunday, February 26, as it has been in the past November 13, 2022 When thousands of citizens demonstrated against electoral reforms at the constitutional level.

The PRD called on citizens to take part in a rally in defense of the INED on February 26 (Twitter/@PRDMexico)

It should be noted that since earlier days there have already been various protests for the same reason. On February 25, for example, the former governor of Michoacán, affiliated with the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), took to the streets of the city in an advanced “mobilization” in defense of INED.

With banners with the legend Caravan march in defense of democracyProtesters went to the Revolution Monument to promote their participation in the upcoming Pink March. This will be the second small mobilization carried out by the PRD. A few days ago, another group of sympathizers and militants appeared in Palace of Fine Arts.

The Pink Band will also be able to find another protest that will take place on the same day, belonging to the fathers and mothers of Ayotzinapa after 101 months of enforced disappearance from the normal 43.

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