Anuel AA, Karol G’s ex-boyfriend, announced happy news

Anuel AA, Karol G’s ex-boyfriend, announced happy news

Puerto Rican rapper and singer Anuel AA The 29-year-old continues to reap successes and is preparing to start 2022 with everything. ex boyfriend Carol J He maintains contact through his social networks already amassing more than 25 million followers from all latitudes and now brings them happy news.

Carol G and Anuel AA. Source: Terra . file

The truth is Anuel AA He premieres the series “30 days with: Anuel”, directed by Dominican Jessy Terrero on his YouTube channel and is already promoting it on his feed. “Now premiering episode 1 of #30DaysWithAnuel on my channel!” The singer wrote with a short clip reviewing how his autobiographical genre is told from a first-person perspective.

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