The best satellite images taken by NASA in 2021 – Uno TV

The best satellite images taken by NASA in 2021 – Uno TV
These are some pictures taken by NASA in 2021. | Photo: NASA.

The seemingly “smiling” galaxy and the moon on Earth are just some of the best. Images taken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) during 2021. These are some of The best snapshots of the universe before the new year 2022.

smiling galaxy

Photo: NASA.

This photo was taken by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, released on December 17, 2021, shows a side view of NGC 3568, a barred spiral galaxy about 57 million light-years from the Milky Way In the constellation Centaurus.

According to NASA, in 2014, the light from a supernova explosion in NGC 3568 reached Earth, and although most of the astronomical discoveries are made by teams of professional astronomers, this supernova was discovered by amateur astronomers who are part of Backyard observatory to search for supernovae in New Zealand.

The moon falls on the earth

Photo: NASA.

Show this picture The crescent moon hovers over the sunset An orbiter like the International Space Station (ISS) passed over the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand.

The colors shown in the capture that fade from orange to dark blue (between the dark surface of Earth and the blackness of space) are, According to NASAlayers of the atmosphere. While the crescent moon shines brightly, some craters, peaks, and mare regions appear dimly in the shadows and along the sunlight interval.

“This view offers a symbolic end to 2021 and a glimpse into NASA’s next goal for human exploration.” Management indicated on December 6.

Picnic in the sun

Photo: NASA.

Show this picture The International Space Station in silhouette during I was passing through the sun At a speed of just over five miles per second.

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The image consists of seven frames and was released by NASA on December 30. The postcard of the Star King was taken last Friday, June 25, 2021, near Nellisford, Virginia

Healing the Earth

Photo: NASA.

On December 30, the management revealed that Pictures of the land around the Ibera wetlands in Argentina, which shows the recovery of Mother Nature, after the appearance of signs of animal production, roads and pastures, and pasture fires; Today there are green meadows, wetlands, and gallery forests mostly untouched by human activity.

New year, new horizon

Photo: NASA.

This photo was taken by an astronaut from the spacecraft SpaceX Dragon Crew After separating from the International Space Station, it was presented by NASA on January 1, 2021, welcoming the year that ends on December 31.

This photo is just one of more than four million astronauts have taken from Earth. Since the beginning of NASA’s manned space flight programs.

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