Apocalypse: Scientists Warn Universe May Begin Shrinking ‘Remarkably Soon’ Science | News

Apocalypse: Scientists Warn Universe May Begin Shrinking ‘Remarkably Soon’ Science |  News

For more than 13 billion years, the universe has been constantly expanding, but that can all change, according to a new research paper. It’s a triple theory from scientists who have tried to map dark energy – one of the biggest mysteries of space. An elusive form of energy has caused the expansion of the universe to accelerate over time.

But researchers say they have found evidence that its repellent power may be weakened.

According to their model, the universe could stop expanding in the next 65 million years.

Then, researchers believe that within 100 million years, the universe could enter a new phase of contraction for billions of years.

They say this could represent the deal of the universe and everything within it, or the rebirth of space and time.

And all of this could happen “remarkably soon,” according to study co-author Paul Steinhardt.

He said, “Going back in time 65 million years, that was when the Chicxulub asteroid hit Earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.

“On a cosmic scale, 65 million years is remarkably short.”

For now, it can only be theoretical, experts say – because it’s impossible to test.

Dark energy has puzzled scientists for years who have tried to explain why the universe is accelerating.

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According to experts, two things can happen after that.

Either the universe shrinks until it collapses in on itself in a “big crunch” that ends life as we know it – or the universe shrinks enough to return to a state similar to its original conditions, and another Big Bang.

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The Big Crisis is not a new theory, but has historically been ignored due to a lack of evidence.

The new study Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencescan change that.

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