Apple will allow the vaccination certificate to be carried in the virtual wallet of the iPhone

Apple will allow the vaccination certificate to be carried in the virtual wallet of the iPhone
This feature will be available in iOS 15 through an upcoming update (Image: APPLE)

Apple has announced that it will integrate the option to perform legal immunization checks within Virtual Wallet is available on iPhone After the iOS 15 update arrived.

The new function that will come to Apple mobile phones will be the ability to show a file A digital copy of the certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 Using the virtual wallet built into the device.

So far, this virtual wallet has the ability to save Credit cards, voucher cards and even admission tickets For parties once users have registered the required data in the app.

The Vaccine Verification Registry Tool will be built using SMART Health Cards, an international specification standard focused on Issuance, transmission and verification of electronic medical records. Some of the states where it is already allowed are California, New York, and Hawaii.

This system will be run by a QR Code The health care provider hands it over for a cell phone check. From there, the user will be able to import the information from the vaccination document or test results into the application the health Inside the device, which will be connected to the virtual wallet to create a digital card.

This means that it will be served at locations or events that request the vaccination system and there, they will use a verification app to make sure the records are real and legal.

With regard to privacy protection, the company has made sure that the full details of the personal information contained in the digital card are hidden with the screen lock and User ID verification will be required Using Face ID, Touch ID, or a password to view it openly.

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This new feature is expected to be available in a future update for compatible devices iOS 15Although Apple has not yet provided a planned date for such a launch.

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