Summary of Manchester United vs Everton 1-1 Premier League 2021-22 | Premier League

Summary of Manchester United vs Everton 1-1 Premier League 2021-22 |  Premier League

At the start of the seventh day of the 2021-22 Premier League, Manchester United, without Cristiano Ronaldo in the starting line-up, beat Jerry Mina’s Everton at Old Trafford. Fighting for higher positions.

The fighting was slow to increase speed. The teams at the top of the championship decided not to risk and wait from the start. There was a few minutes of study and the occasional campus approach.

The first clarity came to 22 ‘. Fred raised a nice cross from the side and Edison Cavani, returning to the starting line, was lone against the grass, but Jordan Pickford saved in a better way. Although he tried to corner his shot, the Uruguayan left the center of the portico.

Half an hour into the game, the South American striker played with his teammate Scott McDominay at the crossroads with Jerry Mina. The Colombians were outraged by the strong cross given by the Scotsman against Lucas Dickney. Fortunately, the conflict did not progress on a large scale.

Attendance responded within 32 minutes. Demeray Gray created an excellent solo play, culminating with a clean triple and a powerful right cross from the left and saved by David de Gea with an excellent stretch.

When everything seemed to end in a draw, Old Trafford had its delight (43 ‘). Bruno Fernandez took the edge of the area and immediately opened on the left Anthony Martial, who first defined the inside of his right foot, with a slight diversion in the ball Mina and reaching the match goal.

The second part didn’t have much emotion in its first minutes. Of course, at 57 the coach Soulscare moved his bench: Marshall and Cavani came out, Jaden Sancho and the long-awaited Cristiano Ronaldo entered.

Unfortunately the changes did not work for the homeowner. In the 64th minute, Everton lectured on how to counter Premier League style.

Rejecting from a corner kick captured by Gray, the English winger won on the left at pure speed and landed with Abdulai da Dou Curo in the middle. The Frenchman advanced a few meters, put on a sensational brake to break the two marks, and activated Andros Downsent, who defined the right to nail De Jia.

With the opposite goal, the ‘Red Devils’ put pressure again. Soulscare sent Paul Pogba to the field to search for management and all against CR7. He was almost cross-eyed, almost without angle, and Pickford pulled him out with his nails.

Time passed, roads not found. United appealed to aerial sports, medium distance and more … began to show frustration.

Five from the end, Meena ended up becoming a hero. After a corner kick, Everton were able to get the ball back into the area with a low center from the right, which was pushed by a Guasane-born defender. Regular little dancing and total fun. Unfortunately the lineman canceled everything out of place and VAR confirmed his determination.

In the end it was the equivalent of a goal at Old Trafford. As a result, both Manchester United and Everton top the Premier League with 14 units each.

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