Approval and use of vaccines does not comply with “diplomatic conversations”, but corresponds to Cofepris and Health: Lopez-Gatel

Approval and use of vaccines does not comply with “diplomatic conversations”, but corresponds to Cofepris and Health: Lopez-Gatel

Deputy Minister for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez Gatel, He said it should be clear that approval of vaccines and their use in Mexico is against Covid-19, Not consistent with the “diplomatic talks” of the Minister for External Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, but with scientific evidence identified by the Federal Ministry of Health and Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Hazards (Cofepris).

This morning the advisor Marcelo Ebrard She reported that, as part of his April tour to Russia, an application for emergency permission for a vaccine had already been submitted to Cofepris. Sputnik LiteWhich can be applied in two 6-month doses between the first and the second.

During an afternoon conference at the National Palace, Undersecretary Hugo Lopez Gatel explained that they are Coffibress The Ministry of Health is the bodies responsible for evaluating scientific evidence and determining whether or not to use it in the country. He pointed out that in Mexico, some vaccines were allowed to be used in emergency situations, such as Bharat Biotech, But it has not been acquired by the Mexican government.

“We believe that the information published by Secretary of State Ebrard is correct and correct, but it is imperative to be clear that this (approval and use) does not depend on diplomatic conversations, but on a technical reflection that passes through the health regulations and the public the health strategy itself,” he said.

However, Lopez Gatel Ramirez said he was confident the scientific evidence from Sputnik Lite Enough to make a decision.

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And if it suffices for a favorable opinion, we merge it. If that isn’t enough or doesn’t suggest it could be helpful, it is up to the point Coffibress We do not consider it for your permission or we do not consider it for your use in Mexico. As long as this does not happen, the Russian Fund or the Russian government will continue to receive us, awaiting the delivery of several doses of vaccines. “

“It is not enough for me to agree or not CoffibressIt is an indispensable step, and it is also imperative that the Ministry of Health coordinate the vaccination plan against it Coronavirus diseaseLet’s define what the potential use of this vaccine is. That is why we will help our vaccination technical advisory group, whose members are assessing the scientific evidence, but from a public health perspective, ”he added.

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