Arcángel stopped the concert to speak out against the event’s production – Metro Puerto Rico

Arcángel stopped the concert to speak out against the event’s production – Metro Puerto Rico

urban exponent, Austin Santos “The Archangel” I was outraged by the production of a festival held during Weekend in Colombia And that, according to the artist, they asked him to cut his presentation.

while Archangel I was on stage explaining the issue “I got used to it”He asked them to stop the track for a discharge against the producers of the event. At the time, the artist indicated that they were asking him to finish his presentation in 10 minutes despite the fact that he still had half of the show left.

“I’m going to keep singing, but I have to make it clear, the production that hates me, I owe it to the audience, not the production. The same thing always happens when I come here to sing, they want to leave one for last and when I want to do my job they always say I have to stop the show because They close at 4 am.”said the Archangel.

According to the artist, this is not the first time that something like this has happened at the Vallenato Festival taking place in Colombia, since they have also asked him, as he has indicated on previous occasions, to shorten his show to avoid extension fines. Use of the presentation venue.

“For the next show, I’m going to charge more, because they keep disrespecting you with the same shit, that’s why I came, I still haven’t gone halfway through the show, so they can tell me there’s 10 minutes left”Archangel added.

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according to Colombian Publimeterhe Festivalon It is one of the alternate events Most importantly, it takes place within the framework of the Vallenato Festival, where many of the most important national and other artists of international standing are presented for 15 hours.

This weekend, Arcángel appeared with Bad Bunny at the Coachella festival in California, where they sang “La Jumpa” together. In that show they recreate the gas station that was used to record the video for the subject.

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