Funding Science and Technology Clubs: “For economic development, knowledge must be generated”

Funding Science and Technology Clubs: “For economic development, knowledge must be generated”
Juan Martín Fernandez, Director of the Chaco Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The Chaco Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation proposes these funding funds to advance the work being done by these groups of people, some of whom are just starting out and others who have more than 10 years of research and development in the field.

Fernandez commented that in the case of elementary and secondary students, the goal is to develop extracurricular activities related to biology, science, physics, mathematics, programming, robotics, computing, mechanics, and technology in general,” and rounding out a little of these calls.

“What we see in many calls is that when we get scholarships for PhDs, postdocs, we lack boys and girls who want to apply, and that’s why we decided with universities to start developing this scientific and technological career earlier,” he said.

He stated that, currently, more than 100 Chaco Science Clubs are registered in the National Registry. “We did a survey of active clubs and currently have over 60 clubs. At a meeting last week there were over 20 people from all over the county and very different topics. Some focused on forestry and even on developing an amphibious vehicle that travels on land and water, to programming or robotics clubs He delved into many topics related to science fairs.“In our province, if we want economic development, we have to create knowledge,” he said.

For those interested, they can register through May 31 in two categories: clubs that are just starting out can receive up to $750,000; As for the clubs that require funds to strengthen them, they can get 1,500,000 dollars. “Everyone should have a legal person attached to them, not necessarily their own person, but some NGO or neighborhood club arranging their papers,” he said.

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Projects of up to 12 months are funded ”, the idea is also to provide support through our linkage team, focused on companies, but also on this type of activity to create a link with universities to access laboratories if the school does not have them or for people who have been Train them in all kinds of subjects.”

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