Are Augusto Lotti and Ramiro Carrera ready to make their Clausura 2023 debut?

Cruz Azul was surprised in the Heaven’s Cup by not being able to count on Argentine reinforcements. Will they be able to make their Clausura 2023 debut in the first round?

Ramiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti are ready to make their Clausura 2023 debut.
© blue crossRamiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti are ready to make their Clausura 2023 debut.

In spite of Cruz Azul has established itself as a great Sky Cup championChampionship was Big controversy Since its inception, since then According to the regulations, the participating teams were not allowed to play with foreign reinforcements, for this reason. Raul Gutierrez forced to Let’s go out To his company from Argentina.

This is the reason for many Ramiro Carrera, like Augusto Lotti, was left out of all calls for La Máquina In this tournament, because though It was a friendly tournamentBeing televised and with fans In stadiums, teams may encounter problems before FIFA.

And at the time when the Heaven’s Cup was held, Cruz Azul has not yet been able to register his reinforcements in his squad against Liga MX, Well, he just went to Starting Wednesday, January 4, 2023 When it officially started transfer window in mexican football, According to the official calendar you publish FIFA.

Will Lottie and Carrera be able to play the first round?

This way it is both Augusto Lotti as Ramiro Carrera It will already be available on call for blue crossin case Raúl Gutiérrez wanted to get rid of it in favor Round 1 duel, this Sunday, January 8 against the Xolos, From the court of playground Well both players They will already be registered in Liga MX.

Moreover, one must remember this The two Argentine soccer players already have a work visa, Well, since they got there Mexico Citytraveled abroad to Return with the document in hand; Besides what Both of them were training with La Maquina From the beginning pre-seasonfor this reason physically They really should be more adapted, even They have already played in the friendlies that the Cyan Blues played in Cancun.

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