Argentina suffered another basketball setback against Spain that jeopardized their survival in the Olympics: what they need to qualify for the quarter-finals

Argentina suffered another basketball setback against Spain that jeopardized their survival in the Olympics: what they need to qualify for the quarter-finals
Argentina seek stability in Group C against Spain (Reuters/Alex Constantinides).

The Argentine basketball team reached the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as one of the main competitors, after their very good feelings in the 2019 World Cup in China and the title in the Pan American Games in Lima. However, the meager debut against Slovenia and 81-71 defeat against Spain in Super Arena Saitama They complicated the scenario.

what do you need Argentina To advance to the quarter-finals? Despite the defeats with Slovenia and Spain, the ones he led Sheep They still have a sporting chance of passing the Tour as one of the top two third-rounders. That’s why they have to win a yes or a yes for Japan Julio Lamas and pay attention to what is happening in groups A and B.

the choice They will compete alongside the Czech Republic (close their participation against the US Dream Team), Italy, Germany and Nigeria.. Currently Argentina With a point difference of -28 And everything seems to indicate that the hand-to-hand battle will finally be with the Czechs, this They finished third in Group A by -14 ..

in this time Area A It must be France (leader with 4 points and +27), United State (3 points and +47) and Czech Republic (3 points and -14) per bid.

Group B has Australia (leading with 4 points and +22), Italy (3 points and +7), Germany (3 points and -3) and Nigeria (2 points and -26) with chances.

While C, already marked a rating Slovenia (4 points and +54) and Spain (4 points and +21), but it remains to be expected Argentina (2 points and -28) and Japan (2 points and -46).

Facundo Campazzo, one of the Argentine figures (Reuters / Brian Snyder)
Facundo Campazzo, one of the Argentine figures (Reuters / Brian Snyder)

The national team, who jumped onto the field with a fifth composed of Facundo Campazzo, Nicolas Laprovittola, Patricio Garino, Luis Scola and Marcos D’Elia, had a furious 7-0 start with the new Barcelona boosting as a great prop (closed the first room with 10 units).

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Although Sergio Scarello’s men were able to react, and even move forward on the scoreboard, Ovega Hernandez’s men improved in defense and with a few flashes from Campazzo they were able to close the first quarter with a 25-20 score.

In the second quarter, between poor decisions in attack (in many situations he was overwhelmed by the hour of possession), as well as the absence of Luis Scola in defense in the first minutes, Al-Ahmar took advantage of opportunities to turn the scoreboard and leave in the first half with a 40-34 ratio.

The start of the sequel started as a continuation of the latter part of the second quarter, with both teams not being accurate at launch. Albiceleste stayed in the match thanks to a hand Labro, but the impressive level shown by Ricky Rubio (Minnesota Timberwolves base) led to the result in the Iberians’ favour.

Nicolas Laprovittola was Argentina's best defender (Reuters / Alex Konstantinidis)
Nicolas Laprovittola was Argentina’s best defender (Reuters / Alex Konstantinidis)

Argentina eventually tried to burn the ships, but could not twist their fate. Alma paid dearly for the lack of internal recording (Scola with 12 and Delia), the few spaces I found Vaco Campazzo (it was practically impossible to find a pick-and-roll partner – it was a sample of this when he ripped his scruff in his shirt -) and the weak moment for Gabriel Dick, who contracted coronavirus shortly before the campaign began. Championship (2 points, 1/8 in field goals and 0/3 in triples).

Nicholas Larbovitola was the best defender in the national team with 27 (4 out of 5 in three-pointers and 4 assists). Scola (13) and Campazzo (10 points and 3 assists) loaned him. In the winning team stood out the work of Ricky Rubio, who signed a list of 26 units, 4 assists and 1 steal.

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It is worth noting that the top two teams from each group and the best third parties qualify for the next round of the tournament. Argentina, who are in their eighth Olympic game and already know what it means to win a medal in this type of competition – they won gold in Athens 2004 and bronze in Beijing 2008 – will play their ticket among the top eight against domestic Japan on Sunday, August 1, from 1.40 in the morning.

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