Argentina vs Paraguay (1-0): Albiceleste qualifies for the quarterfinals of the Cup

Argentina vs Paraguay (1-0): Albiceleste qualifies for the quarterfinals of the Cup

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This is not a goal Lionel Messi Not yet shining, but finally Argentina Won 1-0 Paraguay And qualified for the quarterfinals USA Cup After playing three games, waiting to see what happens on the last dates to avoid Brazil In the next step.

It was a fight between the two teams trying to dominate possession, but there were only clashes in the middle court. In this tactical and forceful battle, it was the Pampas who took advantage of the obvious options to score a goal.

The match came in the first half to define 1-0, in fact 10 minutes ago Slate was already in favor of Albiceleste. The loan went to an inspired one Angel de Mar.Ia After taking the ball to the right and clearing the way Goalkeeper Anthony Silva filtered the ball to defined Pappu Gomez before departure.

Everyone was expecting a shot or cross from above, but De Maria came out with the magic for the perfect goal, which culminated in a goal.

He had an own goal to participate in before the end of the first half Lionel Messi, But the referee canceled it for misplacement by FleaReached 147 games With Argentina selection.

There were changes in the second half, some interesting passes and technical highlights like a pass Messi With the outside of the foot between the two players, but nothing on the field.

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