Argentina will not send a delegation to the inauguration of Ortega and Murillo

Argentina will not send a delegation to the inauguration of Ortega and Murillo

The Argentine newspaper, “El Clarin”, revealed that the Argentine government has backed down and will not send a delegation to attend the inauguration ceremony of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. The decision came one day after Alberto Fernandez became president in this time Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), The position he took with the support of Nicaragua During the summit of this organization held on Friday.

According to El Clarín reports, Buenos Aires prevailed Anger at the press Argentina Because in the middle of the summit it was leaked that the South American country was sending an official delegation to Nicaragua to participate in Ortega’s inauguration for his fourth consecutive term in government.

On Saturday, the Argentine government denied the statements made by the Argentine ambassador to Nicaragua, Daniel Kapetanic for La PrensaAnd In reference to the arrival of an official delegation from the South American country to the event.

The only Argentine actor who goes “he” (Capinach), they said about Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, this Saturday,” El Clarín reported.

The press mentioned only the transcription of the words of the Argentine ambassador in Managua. However, this Saturday they came out to deny it by saying that The diplomat will be “confused” or want to “say something else”, Adds the report of the famous Argentine newspaper.

Capitanich said the following to La Prensa: “Indeed, in Argentina there is a government coalition, let’s say, apart from the Justicialista party, so there are also representatives from some political places that make up the Todos Front that are already in Managua, but far, aloof, on Limit We are waiting for government representation.”

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“Capetanic’s words that Casa Rosada was sending a delegation fueled the fire with another sensitive issue that Fernandez has to deal with at the head of the deeply divided Community of Latin American and Caribbean Nations. Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are targeting Washington for the pressure they are putting on it. This while the government needs to the support of the Joe Biden administration in its negotiations on external debt with the IMF,” according to El Clarín newspaper.

Last September, Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said he would not vote for the South American country in this time From the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, Argentina was accused of being “Tool of American Imperialism” In a series of tensions exacerbated by the Argentines’ attempt to mediate the crisis in Nicaragua, which Daniel Ortega’s regime dismissed as “intervention”.

When Felipe Sulla was her advisor, Argentina protested against political prisoners and demanded that Ortega respect democracy. called sula Capitanich to consultations in Buenos Aires Mexico did the same with its diplomatic representative.

Ortega vetoed the Argentine presidency at the CELAC Summit of Presidents held by Mexico in September. Sola was displaced by Kafiro. Kapetanić was reinstated in Managua as the Mexican had been in office. Argentina again refrained from condemning the Nicaraguan regime in the Organization of American States. On Friday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada, allowed a regional consensus and appointed Argentina at the head of this body,” the El Clarin report adds.

Ortega and Murillo take over this new cycle of governmentAfter his victory on November 7, in a flawed polling process marked by repression and citizen persecution, a lack of transparency and the abolition of political competition, by imprisoning seven opposition candidates, they are part of more than 40 new ones. The kidnapping of prisoners of conscience between May and December 2021.

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