Armando Manzanero left an inheritance for everyone, except for one of his sons

Armando Manzanero left an inheritance for everyone, except for one of his sons

After the unfortunate death of Eucatician composer Armando Manzanero, his family is now in trouble.

That was revealed Will By Don Armando Manzanero He’s already read on his family, The Enforcer is his son Diego, according to what a family friend told us in January; This has been confirmed One of his sons was not includedWhile his widow Appeared in the will.

she was Mainca Manzanero Who revealed to be his brother Rodrygo (They are both children of the Peruvian couple that the singer-songwriter lived), It was not included in the will Who is the singer.

My dad decided thatIt’s not something we have nothing to do with, yes we are all brothers, yes of course we do percentage From ProceedsBut okay, my dad, I think he had it too Reasons The Reasons Why don’t you include it Mainca explained in “Ventaneando”.

Manzanero’s daughter also revealed that from that day the will was read, His brother ran away from the familyAnd the “We didn’t talk about it (about excluding him), in fact, since the will was read here, he got away a little bit, but it’s up to everyone … I think it was something he expected. He missed living here in Mexico for a long time, lived in Lima, Peru, and then lived for a while in Chile. ”Mayenca said.

Apples will inherit Rodrygo's sons

Mayinka also indicated that she does not rule out the possibility of this happening You give your brother a percentage Dependent Proceeds A family friend revealed to us in January, that they generate millions of pesos, as well as the fact that they will have Eucatecan Fortuna Almost 800 million pesos; But for this he has to consult with his other brothers and not know if they want this.

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Apples will inherit Rodrygo's sons

Finally, Minka made it clear He inherited his father Rodrygo while he was alive, a Department Where you do not currently have to pay the rent, “My father left an apartment for him to live in, he doesn’t have to pay the rent, he just has to support it. Maybe Rodrigo didn’t think something was going wrong, and instead of getting angry, thank you for what you have … He always solved situations for him,” Get him out of trouble And it might be because I’m talking like this Things that weren’t public before, But that’s not okay … well, let him also think about why he didn’t touch him, that is, how many things my dad had to solve for him, or how many times my dad had to pay for things he was okay, ” is over.

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