La Jornada – Former Under Secretary of Health at NL, new candidate for Governor

La Jornada – Former Under Secretary of Health at NL, new candidate for Governor

Monterey, N.L. Dr. Emilio Jacques, until recently, Deputy Minister of Health, Department of Jaime The Bronco Rodriguez Calderon is the seventh candidate for the governor of Nuevo León and will run for the Forza Bor Mexico party.

Gerardo Islas, the national leader of Fuerza por México, declared that it was time for a doctor to rule over this entity to save Nuevo León.

Islas said: “Today we will start the white coat revolution, let them see us in white. It is time for a doctor who specializes in treatment, to come to the government of Nuevo León.”

Margarita Arellanes, National Secretary of L. Power to Mexico

Meanwhile, ex-PAN mayor of Monterrey Margarita Arellanes Cervantes has been introduced as National Secretary to the Presidency of Fuerza por México and likely to head the list for a local mandate through the multi-member channel of this political institute.

Regarding the introduction of Arielanes Cervantes as part of the party leadership, Gerardo Islas said: “I have come to support what I started a few days ago in the National Committee in appointing Margarita Arielanes as a member of the National Executive Committee of my party.” At my side is the Deputy Secretary of the Presidency. ”

You’ll accompany Dr. Jack in this diversity campaign. Like her, tricolor, blues, yellows, greens, freelancers are welcome and welcome. The only goal is to save Nuevo Leon ”.

Arielanis Cervantes was mayor of the Royal Capital from 2012 to 2015 and was charged with alleged acts of corruption during her tenure.

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In 2018, she tried to be a multi-member Labor MP, but was unsuccessful, and is now appearing again in Fuerza por México, after six years of absence from the political scene, and now she will be a candidate for local multi-member membership. deputy.

With his nomination for Governor, Emilio Jacques joins other contenders such as Clara Luz Flores Carales, from Alliance Together We Will Make History in Nuevo León (Morena, PT, PVEM, and Banal); Adrián de la Garza Santos, from Va Fuerte by Nuevo León (PRI-PRD); Fernando Larzabal-Breton (PAN) and Samuel García Sepulveda (MC).

Also participating in the competition are Virginia Danny Seller Tristan, of Progressive Social Networks (RSP), and Carolina Garza, for the Solidarity Encounter (PES).

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