Arsenal crushes Bournemouth with controversy and forces Manchester City

Arsenal crushes Bournemouth with controversy and forces Manchester City

Arsenal I had to overcome Bournemouth in it The UAE He left no doubt: he won 3 to 0 With goals from Sakka, trossard and rice Now he leads by four points Manchester cityAlthough the team Pep Guardiola He still relies on himself to be hero Since two fewer matches have been played.

Arsenal were loyal to their club-based style Ball possession And one Aggressive stress after a loss In a competitive field. He controlled the match from the start but only at the end of the first half was he able to break the tie with a goal Controversial penalty That's over Boyako Saka To set 1 to 0.

In the second half, the pace of the match was very similar, but the visiting team tried to come out more difficult due to the defect. Trossard He scored the second goal in the 24th minute, when the result seemed settled Bournemouth scored the extra goal But it was canceled by A The alleged offense against David Raya.

After that, there was only time for Arsenal to score the third goal and continue playing Accumulation of goals To get a default definition by Goal difference If they finish level on points with Manchester City at the end of the season.

Liverpoolthird in contention for the Premier League title, seems to have already said goodbye because although he still has sporting potential, he is counting on several improbable results with only three dates to go.

Arsenal and Bournemouth match broadcast live today: minute by minute of the English Premier League match

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