The last quarter owes Lima

The last quarter owes Lima

to me lima He lacked continuity and failed in the last quarter of being able to face a Lida It is the best team at the beginning of the season. Orange suffered hit after hit, including a 0-11 start which could have been frustrated then but made a full recovery midway through the second quarter. They also gave their right hand. But the Catalans should be left on the canvas because they always get up and finish 0-14 in the final quarter, with the local team being prevented from facing the hoop between their poor shooting decisions, their spin and the intensity of their defense. Discount. It gave the feeling that Lima lacked the cooking point to be able to take on a competitor that was more mature and with a higher dose of intensity for forty minutes. After Friday’s win on opening day at Guarusti Circuit This is a team defeat Diego Epifanio visit to the students Sunday is off to a tough start to the season with three games in just one week.

Orange relied on the success of the outdoor shot and had trouble painting. Lotana Nogbo He did not succeed in the attack, which is his forte. When Ottoman Diani He wasn’t on the right track, he missed to close the recoil. And neither of them could stop Michael Carrera (31 points), and he is currently the most decisive player in this category who put his team on his back in the last quarter, with seven practically consecutive points that cemented that decisive round 0-14. The best of Leyma was the base Goran Filipovic. He did a treble and revolutionized the game, although he was laden with errors and had to spend a good portion of the third quarter and the start of the fourth on the bench. Only he, with 11 reviews, reached double digits in this section.

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visitor injury James Wolf, three times (Jakovic and Font) and a basket from Filipovic gave the wings to the locals, who climbed 60-55 with just over four minutes to play. But from that moment they were empty for three. At 60-64, Carrera’s 2+1 hurt, because the basket and foul happened just as possession was over. Something similar happened in the third quarter at 48-44. Parroeta stole a ball, went on his own and from what would have been a 50 point and 6 teams, moved to two three-seconds behind Leda, thus, 48-50.

Alex Font in the match against Leda. Victor Ekafe

The Lida Never miss gifts. But on the positive side of lima You have to put the fact of beating 0-11 against the start. Diego Epifanio asked to take some time to sort out ideas and conceptualize. Filippovich He wore a lifeguard suit with two in a row which boosted the comeback. The situation was already another. Nwogbo and Galán were squabbling over paint. Diani too. Barroeta scored 2 + 1. In the first half, the score was no longer scandalous (15-20). Another treble for Filippovic – the third of the fourth after others by Jakovic and Font – put the hosts ahead for the first time (28-25), but they later suffered another crisis that only allowed them to score a hat-trick and three more. Free throws until the rest that Lida He came with a slight advantage (34-37).

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Lima team and technical staff. Victor Ekafe

In the third was the distribution of benefits. The two teams exchanged blows and for a moment the locals had advantages and on the other hand the visitors. The third mistake of Filippovich and Font, two of the most successful men, was weighed. Also low contribution Lundqvist and Simeonovic, of which more are expected. The Catalans maintained their supremacy at the end of the third set (52-54), and the fourth set was already 0-14 from which, in such an even match, it was no longer possible to recover. Time to improve and try again on Sunday.

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