Artist of the Year | Telsa Lozano faces Janet Barbosa Live: “You Are Most Hated” | Offers

Artist of the Year |  Telsa Lozano faces Janet Barbosa Live: “You Are Most Hated” |  Offers

Face. Janet Barbosa and Telsa Lozano exchanged words on Monday, after it was hinted that the rules wanted to replace the former avenger, after

“If the lady returns to the program, my seat will not be at stake. Rather, Santi will be unhappy because he is the most hated in the program and the only day that was not hated is the day Mrs. Janet is gone, because she is the most hated.” The “tail” attacked.

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And he confirmed that the news backfired because it made him famous. All he wore was that Telsa told Janet Barboza that she was in place behind me, Confirmed. “If I don’t, you won’t get one.”America driver Hue answered.

“What I do every weekend is what I say, so I am happy and calm with my comments because my boss is only one and you called me to congratulate me on the weekend.”Telsa added.

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Janet Barbosa He confirmed that he had arrived Artist of the Year In peace, but the jury “stung”. “I am 23 years old in this medium and have performed more than a thousand events. I have experience talking about artists … who do not wish to remain (as a jury).”, pointed out.

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Drivers from America joked about Hoy about the issue, and Gisillo recalls that the rules came to replace Natalia Salas and stayed. “Ethel be careful”, Telsa said.

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