Artists confirmed for The House of the Famous 2

Artists confirmed for The House of the Famous 2

High expectations caused the first version of reality to appear “The House of the Famous”, from TelemundoInspired by the famous shape Big Brother VIPWhere the winner of the first edition was the former Miss Universe Alicia Machadoand where we saw numbers like Gabe Spanik, Pablo Monteiro and Manelik, Among other things.

Since that was over, rumors started about potential candidates for the second edition, and since we found out that they will already be presenting The second part of this success, The surprise we get when we know who the first celebrities are They have already signed a contract to be part of the programme.

We refer to two characters that emerged from other facts, namely Brenda Zambrano Which we saw first “Acapulco Shore”, “Warriors 2020”and is currently involved in “Resistiré”. And the second participant who has already signed with the TV station is Luis Caballero, “Colt”, Controversial figure who participated in TV shows such as ‘The Academy’, ‘Acapulco Shore’ and ‘Warriors 2020’, Among other things.

Although these two people They revealed their enmitySomeone who works on the controversial program told us that none of them knew about it Faces will now appear in this project, So it can be controversial to learn more about their rivalry.

We also learned that although the name New York as a potential tenant celebrity housethat hasn’t changed her arm yet, but what is known is that if she accepts, she could be one of the highest paid characters of the season.

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Also, the person who is about to accept the said proposal is Lauren Herrera Which does not rule out the possibility of showing herself naturally again in the reality show, let’s remember that it was one of the biggest surprises in the first version’Big Brother VIP’, By showing herself not only as a sensual woman, but also as a very good woman Organize household chores and expert in the kitchen.

The House of Celebrities 2 already has future tenants

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