Italy vs. Northern Macedonia – Match Report – 24 March, 2022

Italy vs.  Northern Macedonia – Match Report – 24 March, 2022

Italy will not be able to play against Macedonia from the next World Cup to be held in Qatar in 2022.

The Italy national team Will miss the World Cup for the second time in a row Qatar 2022After the fall Northern Macedonia (0-1) ‘Azuri’ dominated from the start in a game with a goal in Drajkovsky’s extra time, but they were unable to use their chances in it.

In disaster Italy. Some thought so Macedonia The current European champion can be surprised, he was taken to the final against Portugal. ‘Azurra’ dominated the match, but it was not enough to avoid another historic elimination, in which they were unable by a team to shoot twice between three sticks.

Command Italy For the first time. Without problems and easily, the defensive line found the midfielder, who moved the ball from one side to the other. Northern Macedonia Locked in the back, but left gaps to unite and had a clear attack plan: fast counters.

Italian left back Emerson PalmeriWhen the first five minutes were not over, the first warning about a goal defended by Rayo Vallecano goalkeeper was in his boots. Stole DimitrovskyBut the shot went high.

The trio of midfielders, including Parella, Jorgenho and Verratti, roamed freely at Renzo Barbary Stadium in Palermo (Italy, south). They were constantly on the lookout to tilt the match’s defenses and filter the balls to Impol, Inzain and Ferrari who risked the attack.

In this case, Ferrari was Italy’s attacking champion but wasted a clear game in the first half. The striker, who plays for Sassuolo, did not score after receiving a gift from the Macedonian goalkeeper, which left Ferrari ahead in the form of a failed pass and did not accommodate the goalkeeper. But the foot went low and without power, which gave Dmitrievsky enough time to regain his position and maintain the tie.

Immovable He tried it in the next play, what were the best minutes for the locals, but again he crashed into the Macedonian wall, which cleared a corner, one of the 16 sixes he threw in the first half for Italy. Throughout the competition. Italy Dominated and Macedonia Opposed.

Macedonia He enjoyed two occasions, only being able to complete one of which was a single shot between three sticks of the first act for the audience. Today’s central defender Mancini controlled the ball badly, it was the only ‘assuro’ setback, but Florence solved his teammate’s mistake with a provisional cut on the edge of the area.

The second half started with the same script. Ferrari, in excellent form, led the attack, but Dimitrovsky always appeared.

Verratti was the main reason Italy Need to find space in plays. The PSG midfielder shone in the game and filtered to Ferrari, who returned efficiently, on the brink of trouble for the Macedonians, but hit high with his awkward foot.

The Verratti-Ferrari link came into effect and became more apparent, but the goal was resisted. The Sassuolo player was only able to greet him when he diverted his pair from a small area to a pass from Verratti.

I try Macedonia They relied on Bharati’s ingenuity, but they were not good enough against a well-planted Italy in defense.

The Italian coach was pessimistic, Robert Mancini, On the bench, watching how the minutes passed, that the goal did not come. The departure of Raspatori and Bellegrini, who enjoyed a clear opportunity in five more minutes, gave fresh air. ItalyWho continued to dominate the game.

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The ghosts of the summer of 2018 began to fly over Palermo Stadium. The game went into extra time as the end was approaching. The Italians were unable to pierce a Macedonian team goal, and were defended by a giant Dimitrovsky, who scored a superb goal from outside the area at the break.

Alexander Trojkovsky He blocked the match with a powerful shot from outside the area that entered very tightly through Donarumma’s right post, which he could not do at all. Macedonia Celebrated like never before Italy He sank back into his nightmare.

With three minutes left in the game, Cochlear striker Joao Pedro came close to equalizing. But that is not the day. France referee Clement Durbin blew the whistle at the end of the match Italy In this 2022. ‘Azzurra’ stands out 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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