Ashton Beer, a new space, with a different style, to have fun

Ashton Beer, a new space, with a different style, to have fun

A new brewery opened its doors on the corner of Brown Street and Boiredon in our city. Ashton Bear is the name of the new business venture.

A special style of a new place where ACTUALIDAD was received by Leonardo Toyos, a 30-year-old from Banderallo, who, in a special context like the one we are in, took on this challenge with others.

The project was born long ago, and they had already thought about it and were working on it. “But you had to rejoice in the same thing, with all this that arose out of the pandemic. We had to put energy into it, the good feelings, think positively, and hope we would still be able to work with the protocols, and take care of ourselves. That way we will continue to give the clubs the opportunity. Restaurants and bars to stay open. “

Gathering materials for reuse, “surfing,” as Leonardo himself said, “We collect things that were so cool together. We didn’t choose the veneer, we tried it but we didn’t like it, so we chose wood, mixing old and new elements in the setting.

Green, striking and “hot,” was chosen when painting the space. “The idea was to suggest something different. Leonardo said: We wanted a “live” color, put the whole wave in it so it looked good, and think about the details as well. “

Bar with antique shutters, with very good finishing work and good location; A move made with a railroad keel separating the bar from the main hall, and the “pulled” beers and those currently being served are aspects that defined this new space in a corner where the Mattelan family has been trading for years.

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Days after starting work, “Reviews are good. They told us about excellent service, good beer and delicious food,” Banderolense commented, as snacks and fast foods, such as hamburgers and tenderloin, are part of the menu.

“We hope people will join us. We are so happy, everything has been so hard, we have nothing left. Leonardo, who does not belong to the gastronomy sector but was encouraged to take up the challenge, said Leonardo, who does not belong to the gastronomy sector, said all the workforce we had, we had spent months “putting up” hours on our vacation days, so we get excited. Too much for this. “

Doors at Ashton Brewery are open from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM, in compliance with current nighttime restrictions. And in case you want to know about this new space and make a reservation, Instagram is an option. Or also – for a while – call 03388 15539208, where you can call or send your message.

In addition to Leonardo Toyos, employees of the new brewery are Gabriel Suster, Yale Lerio, Gaston Jara, Roberta Vera, Lorena Lopez, Giselle Mercanti, Ariel Winchell and Esteban Guevara are part of the staff.

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