Assorted protection of Tony Costa’s mother Adamari Lopez

Assorted protection of Tony Costa’s mother Adamari Lopez

Adamari Lopez, Host of Telemundo’s “Hoy Dia” show, was severely criticized after appearing in a photo uploaded to the TV show’s Instagram account and did not conform to the canons of her followers and desired beauty. That’s why Carmen, Tony Costa’s mother, is the one who put a stop to aggressive comments.

With the heart of an ex-mother-in-law and a mother, Carmen did not hesitate for a second to see the haters who commented on the release and safety of the TV show அடமாரி. “The good essence is in the little bottles. What a disrespect and another woman to a woman!” The mother revealed Tony CostaThen who said: “Listen to what you say. Let us know your opinion but don’t miss it, please.”


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