Gregorio Bernia's wife breaks silence after accusations against actor

Gregorio Bernia's wife breaks silence after accusations against actor

Comments about Gregorio Bernia And his attitude inside Reality, will skyrocket in recent days. One of her roommates, Tali GarciaAbandoned Famous House 4.

And, during her on-set interviews, the actress had something for everyone. One of the worst victims was a Colombian actor who didn't have the kindest words to say about him.

Tali both agreed Maribili Rivera They are not reliable and are great strategists. Some reports made all eyes turn towards the protagonist There is no heaven without breasts.

Suspicions raised by his former roommate about Gregorio's unfaithful behavior had immediate reactions. Apart from his fans and supporters, his wife, Erika RodriguezShe also broke the silence by dedicating a few words to her husband.

Gregorio and his wife Arica.

IG/Érika Rodriguez

He doesn't mention Tali or mention her words, but through this writing he makes it clear who his partner is, how much he loves him and the trust he has in her.

“Thank you for respecting me inside A famous houseThank you for taking care of the family, thinking of me everyday, many people need to learn from you, you really teach them what it means to protect the family. You know what respect is. “You are a real person,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

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A good listener, a few words are enough. Erika always highlighted the values ​​and openness of her children's father. Complete protection against the suspicion that you want to sow and you are not ready to let go.

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