Astronauts look at Earth in space and shout, What’s going on?

Astronauts look at Earth in space and shout, What’s going on?

consistency Earth They must be protected by life creatures. Unfortunately, the Earth is getting old, polluted, and making the planet more anxious. The appearance of Earth from space makes astronauts feel sad.

Recently, NASA sent another astronaut into space. Appointed by Megan MacArthur to the International Space Station (ISS).

The Earth, which looks blue and beautiful from space, looks different. The view from the top is not as beautiful as it was before my mother. This made Megan MacArthur cry.

Megan MacArthur lamented the bushfires that broke out in various locations. Some of the places where large forest fires occur can be seen with the naked eye from space.

An area that should be green with trees on the ground looks like burning smoke. The disaster is very disturbing, Mom.

“We are very sad to see the fire spreading not only in the United States, but in so many parts of the world,” Megan McActor said in an interview with Insider. the future newly.

According to Megan MacArthur, scientists around the world have been hiding this “alarm” for years. In fact, the astronaut considered the changes on Earth as a dire warning to all parties.

“This is a warning to the entire global community. The global community as a whole needs to confront this and overcome these challenges,” he said.

The view of the scorched earth was discovered from space some time ago. There are many areas on earth that have been affected by forest fires.

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The region shows the shape of a smoke cloud in astronomical proportions from space. The areas affected by the forest fires extended to Siberia, Greece, Spain and the Pacific Northwest.

This year, Turkey has become one of the countries hardest hit by forest fires. In fact, the United States is struggling to recruit enough firefighters to deal with wildfires.

Not only forest fires, but the land as well has been exposed to various problems. environment Others, such as deforestation. Currently, reports indicate that deforestation is on the rise.

The world’s lung forests are being cleared of land for use in agriculture, ranching and other residential or urban areas.

One of the most threatened forests in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Not so long ago, an aerial photo showed that the Amazon rainforest was experiencing severe landslides.

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