Athena is celebrating: he beat Bahia Basket at the start of the National League play-off series

Athena is celebrating: he beat Bahia Basket at the start of the National League play-off series

Athena Play with maximum concentration, as in these “finals”. He was smart, but also intense, and full-on energy, to start the start of the drama by staying at National Basketball Association By defeating Bahia Basket by 84 to 68.

Collectively, the green was very good, with high points like those of Leonardo Lima and Josh Nazicur throughout 40 minutes, and appearances in the decisive lanes of Lucas Machuca and Pablo Bruna, to add a win that puts a 1-0 key.

The switch will continue on Thursday, again at 9:30 PM, and if the third and decisive match is necessary to avoid relegation, the match will take place on Sunday, April 11, at the same time, also in Opras.

The players of both teams hadn’t taken their nerve in such an important duel and had to stop. Just over two minutes passed from the start and the match was interrupted by breaking the hour of possession (24 seconds) in the ring that Athena was attacking. The ranking at Opras Stadium came about an hour later.

Missing the first four pitches, Green broke his “hex” with two dips. The first from Leo Lema, who previously put the NBA plug on; Then Josh Nzikour, in the neighborhood of General Bustos, lead 4-3.

In the return to the match, Green returned better in defense, forcing three defeats followed by Bahia, and took advantage of it by distributing the goal on a difference of 9: 12-3 in 5 minutes. But as has happened so many times, Colli and Arduh’s team misused the trio (the one with the worst efficacy in the competition) and partially reduced Bahia’s players 8-0.

Always charging offensive recoil, winning often (6 in Q1), Atenas again took over development and stayed with the opening season by 20-13.

“You have to play smart,” said Juan Manuel Torres, a seasoned Greek pivot. And that’s what Athena tried to do. With a firm defense, and with great focus, he did not let Bahia run, which took 3’25 to score in the second half, and only from the free streak.

The attack did its job by taking the ball into the painted zone, to execute an 8-0 round to extend the lead by 28-13. In time, the hat-trick also entered Green, who had 17 advantages (42-25) and rested ahead 44-29.

For Athens, the start of the third quarter was perfect, with Lima being a record holder, with 20 advantages: 51-31 at 1’40.

But Bahia grew, first in defense, knocking Lima out of play (it was hard for him to get the ball), and adding to his best player, Caio Pacheco, who returned after his time in basketball in Spain. The visit was registering little by little and was reduced to 8: 47-55 with a 2’41 playable period.

Nesicur, along with Pablo Bruna, was expelled from Athena, remaining with the class in a ratio of 62 to 51.

The Bahnese continued to jerk and jerk and at 3:40 in the final chapter they changed course

The result of combining subtraction and antithesis

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