Campazzo Show: “No Look” pass against LeBron James and score in Denver’s win over the Lakers

Campazzo Show: “No Look” pass against LeBron James and score in Denver’s win over the Lakers

Campazzo’s gorgeous “no-look pass” leaves LeBron empty-handed

It couldn’t have been a little less than two weeks ago, when he hit the knee right in front of him Los Angeles LakersAfter two minutes of playing. Soon the calendar gave Facundo Campazzo a revenge. Again against LeBron James and his teammates, the Argentine base was rounded off Excellent performance On the The Denver Nuggets won at Ballfield 122-105Another day of the regular stage of the NBA.

For Denver, that was his Third successive win, To improve his record in the West to 15 wins and 11 losses. But most of all, it was a great night for Campazzo, who completed a 15-point list (equal to his best mark so far in this Denver tournament, with 3/6 in triples, 1/2 in doubles and 4/5 in free) ), 4 assists, 2 steals, rebounds, in 25 minutes 46 seconds of play.

The best of Campazzo against the Lakers

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Campazzo entered the final section of the first quarter, with the 2m47s remaining and Denver sliding five points (25-30), instead of Morris. I quickly draw imagination Great A look does not pass To scorn anything other than LeBron They cleared the way for the Zeke Naji trilogy, one of the rising teams this season in Denver, with which Cordoba has already sealed a good grasp in some of the plays.

After the action, he hit his first hat-trick of the night to equalize, then James bounced under the basket. Already in the second quarter, he provided another pass with a pick and a hat-trick from Green, and added a second hat-trick, this time in front of the basket, and three free matches to end the first half with 9 points and three assists. -Goal.

In this encounter, Coach Mike Malone gave Campazzo more minutes of play. To the injuries suffered by BJ Dozer and Gary Harris, Will Burton’s loss was added due to personal reasons. Then, on average, Paul Millsap also had to knock out. On the visitor side, punish the Lakers Anthony Davis injuredCritical in defense of the Los Angeles franchise, due to the tendinitis that complicated the right Achilles tendon.

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Until this meeting, Campazzo had only passed 20 minutes of play in just three games, against Minnesota (two games) and against Utah. Every time he crossed that range, he scored double-digit points, and the Nuggets always won. That equation was repeated against the Lakers.

Facu had a very important role in this victory. He is not afraid of confrontation, not even in the present. He is a warrior, and After 25 games, we see that when he’s on the field, good things happenCoach Michael Malone praised.

Beyond the performance of the Cordovan Base, Once again Nikola Gokic was the great character In Denver’s victory with 23 points, 16 rebounds and 16 assists, a new hat-trick for the Serbian Axis. Beauty Murray He accompanied him with 25 points and 6 rebounds. For the Lakers, LeBron James He had 22 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, followed by Kyle Kozma with 19 points and 8 bags. For the defending hero A streak of 7 straight victories ended.

Now, Denver must face a four-game road trip away from home and against opponents in the Eastern Conference, against Boston, Washington, Charlotte and Atlanta, respectively.

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