Athletes talk about the importance of mental health in sport – Marca Claro

Athletes talk about the importance of mental health in sport – Marca Claro

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From top left to right: Schiffrin, Chen, Flova, Anderson, Miramble, Jacir, Gilles, and Pourier | Reuters

athletes Tends to demand good results every time. This pressure created by fans is able to be It hurts the same competitorsEspecially when the expected results are great. This was the case with American gymnast, Simone Biles, Via Tokyo 2022 They dropped out of some tests for your mental health, as well as the case of Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka who gave up Roland jarros for the same reason. to Beijing 2022 Some athletes expressed their opinion, through, about the topic.

“I can’t wait to go to Olympic and do not feel any pressure, nerves or discomfort. It’s rare for me to have a career that I feel good in I haven’t had a career and I’m pretty sure of it Or feel confident.” Announced Figure skater Michaela Shiffrin from the United States. countryman skater Nathan chin He commented, “I definitely believe that mental health is a work in progress for every person. It is good to have someone with them Talk about the world of sport as being outside of it.”

competitor in skateboard I jasper From Austria Highlight the importance The relationship between mind and body. “You may have a certain lump where you feel like you have it Your body knows how to do it, but your mind doesn’t. Your physical and mental condition must be Connected. The Austrian highlighted the importance of this Simone Biles in giving global importance to the subject. “I’m so glad Simon Highlight how important it is to be you The brain works with your body.”

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Petra VelhovaAnd skier From Slovakia, highlighted the effect Bills’ decision On the subject of mental health among athletes. “Maybe everyone thinks she’s the best, that she should always win. But it’s not like that, It is not a machine. She is human.” Ander Mirabell competitor Spanish in a skeleton He commented: “There are cases that cannot be talked about, because People do not understandAnd I don’t think it’s taboo. I don’t think society is ready to understand that The mind is just as important as the body.”

yAmy Anderson who competes in skateboard to condition United He revealed, “I think this is the most important thing, Working on my mental state to give my best.“couple Canadian ice skating Made by Piper Gill and Paul Pourier He also commented on the topic. “No one will be perfect. But the challenge is trying to figure out what it is. Excellent enough To be functional and enjoy life.” Jill announced.

While porrier mentioned: “In the world of sports it is difficult to take a step back. And I say “I need help, I have difficulties” and we programmed to do this aside. It’s great that he likes more athletes Naomi, Simon, Others start Open the conversation. We try to do amazing things, but also we are human beings.”


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