Atlanta Braves could not beat Los Angeles Dodgers by opening the SCLN

Atlanta Braves could not beat Los Angeles Dodgers by opening the SCLN

Atlanta – A win from the third base Austin relay Triggered Ozzy Alps The Atlanta Braves defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 in the first game of the National League Championship Series on Saturday.

As the game was tied at 2-2, the second paceman Alpies singled, stealing in the middle and hitting relief against the relief in the left-field corner on the strong line of relief. Blake trains.

Capitalizing on the tremendous energy of 41,815 people in Atlanta’s first league final in two decades, the Braves won their unbeaten game.

The Los Angeles began the old circuit final with a reliever as they played a stressful five-game division series against the San Francisco Giants. Cory Nebel For the second game in a row, the Braves had their star tenpaw Max Fried.

Fried drove very well, leaving the Dodgers for two runs over six innings, but Braves had 14 strikeouts and did not walk against eight opposing pitchers until the Albies and Riley combined to break the game. Riley hit a solo home run in the fourth inning for Atlanta’s second run, which he first hit on the pitch just outside of the Nebula.

A single Chris Taylor In a second and a home run Will Smith In fourth place they produced the Dodgers runs. Taylor’s disgusting pace in the first half of the ninth inning killed two possible rallies.

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For Sunday’s clash, Atlanta manager Brian Snitker will do the right box Ian Anderson Before the series goes to Dodger Stadium (season 24 starts at 9-5, 3.58 and has a 5.0 IL vacancy against Milwaukee Brewers in the playoffs).

A bullpen game on Saturday gave Dodgers manager Dave Roberts the opportunity to reset his spin and make his three dead horses available for the next three games: Rights Max Scherzer And Walker Fuller And the Mexican left Julio Urias.

Between Scherzer (15-4, 2.46; 7-0, 1.98 with LA), Fuhler (16-4, 2.47) and Urias (20-3, 2.96) went 43-7 in the regular season with a 2.59 ERA. When they started to bang, the Dodgers’ record was 59-17.

The presence of those three pitchers, along with the fact that the Dodgers are 60-24 at home, including 2-1 at the end of 2021, is a little more in a hurry to win the first game of the Atlanta series.

That’s why on Saturday, Atlanta won the unbeaten game.

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