They are the 10 richest women in America

They are the 10 richest women in America

Although the richest people in the United States are still mostly men, women still hold their positions.

in the list Forbes 400 Among the most millionaires in the North American country can be found as many as 56 women, so that changes do not appear with last year’s list.

While it is true that these girls and women are a minority, the total value of these girls and women is $564 billion, more than $100 billion than they added in 2020.

Walmart heiress Alice Walton has the honor of being the richest woman in the country of stars and stripes, with a net worth close to $67 billion. She’s $5.6 billion richer than she was last year, in large part due to her company’s 13 percent increase in stock.

Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is the second richest woman for the second year in a row.

It ranks second, despite donating $8.6 billion in 2020 to nearly 780 nonprofit organizations as part of its effort to donate the wealth generated by its work. However, Scott’s net worth increased by $1.5 billion to $58.5 billion.

As part of the findings of the niche media list, about 90 percent of the women in the 2021 Forbes 400 have become wealthier since last year.

  1. Alice Walton – Net worth: 67.9 billion – Source: Walmart
  2. MacKenzie Scott – Net worth: 58.5 billion – Source: Amazon
  3. Julia Koch and her family – Net worth: 51 billion – Source: Koch Industries
  4. Jacqueline Mars – Net worth: 31.8 billion – Source: Candy and pet food
  5. Miriam Adelson – Net worth: 30.4 billion – Source: Casinos
  6. Abigail Johnson – Net worth: 25.2 billion – Source: Money Management
  7. Lauren Powell Jobs Net worth: $22.1 billion Source: Apple, Disney
  8. Diane Hendricks – Net worth: 11 billion – Source: Roof
  9. Blair Barry O’Kidden – Net Worth: 9.7 billion – Source: Media, Automotive
  10. Anne Walton Kroenke – Net worth: 9.3 billion – Source: Walmart
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