Atlas wants to benefit from meeting Quinones

Atlas wants to benefit from meeting Quinones

The American player's former teammates recognize the striker's performance and hope to stop him in the next match.

the Atlas red and black They are preparing to welcome the current champions of the tournament Liga MX, America, They will seek victory by capitalizing on the footballers' knowledge of form Julian Quiñonesrecognized Guadalajara strategist.

Without a doubt atlas, Confrontation America, the defending champion, is a high-stakes match. However, there are factors analyzed to achieve victory in what will appear to be a full stadium. back Julian Quiñones He works for the red and black colors, according to the Spanish helmsman.

“We do not act as private brands. What is true is the reality of the competitor structure as a whole. Then, these structures move in the game, with specific competitor profiles that we have to work on. We work together, it is true that he knows us well and we know him too. We “We know that he is a good player, and he can play in different positions, and it's not just him. There are many in America that can do this, and we have studied those possibilities.” San Jose pints Opposite Duel against Águilas del América.

The same applies to both technicians atlas And its players know Julian Quiñones But because of what he did with FC Guadalajara, once the match started, he left his past behind him and became another contender.

“There is a factor quinones, He was a big personality here and we know people have a lot of affection for him, and he deserved it. The pitch is the pitch, we also have energy with the people and in that sense we will be well protected. He added: “Having a player on the opposing team who is appreciated is normal, but we will strive to achieve victory.” San Jose pints on Julian Quiñonesformer player and two-time champion in atlas.

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At the moment, there are only a few tickets available to watch the Atlas-América match at Estadio Jalisco. This meeting is scheduled to be held next Saturday.

Azulcremas will arrive Guadalajara Tomorrow they will stay in Birla Tabatya for a week, since next Wednesday they have their commitment before Chivasa duel corresponding to the second round of CONCACAF Champions Cup.

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